We hope that you won’t have a need to receive a refund for any of our software or services, but if the need arises we would like to let you know what to expect.

Do you issue refunds for software?

We are happy to issue a refund for software that has not yet been downloaded. Once we see that the software has been downloaded from our system, there is no way for us to know how that software will be utilized. Due to the fact that the code is not encrypted or scrambled in anyway, we realize that the code may be used outside of the original context. We consider the purchase to be similar to the refund policy of most retailers when dealing with software or digital products such as DVDs, Games, etc.

If there is a problem with the software, please let us know the issue and we will resolve it as quickly as possible – many times in a matter of hours.

Do you issue refunds for services?

We do issue refunds for services that have not been completed. For example, if you were to schedule our certification service to be performed, but it has not yet been started, we will issue a refund immediately. Once the services have started, we can offer a pro-rated refund, and once they are completed, we will not offer refunds.